Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2007


Gestern und heut ist der campus geschlossen...ich wuerde mal sagen, nicht ohne grund:
KCTV - Lokaler Fernsehsender

gestern hatten wir 2 stunden stromausfall, 5 stunden kein internet...sogar mcdonalds und burgerking waren zu!!
die finals sind verschoben worden...ich hab glueck, ich haette zwar diesntag abend ein final gehabt, da unser instructor keinen bock hat, extra samstags (so wills die uni!) oder wann anders in die uni zukommen, hat er uns folgende e-mail geschrieben:

Since the university has canceled classes today, we obviously have a problem with our final exam scheduled for tonight. Because we have already covered the material once (comprehensive type exam), I feel the following options are appropriate. Below are your options for the final.

1) Option to not take the final------Reply to me stating you wish to keep your current grade in the class. Please specify the grade you believe you have to make sure we have the same #s.

2) Take the exam during one of my other exam periods. I have finals scheduled Wednesday @ 2:00 PH 204 & Friday 8:30 AM Potter 107. If Classes are canceled Wednesday, the 2:00PM final will be moved to Monday at that same time.

ja gut, wenn man 384 von 390 moeglichen punkte hat, faellt die entscheidung relativ leicht ;)

mein "final" in english am montag is auch ins wasser gefallen, mein A war einfach zu sicher ;)
tja, heute (mittwoch) solls ja im laufe des tages besser werden, das heisst am donnerstag is wieder uni (voraussichtlich!)...und ich hab mein erstes von zwei finals. general psychology... mir musste ein C reichen um in der Gesamtnote ein A zu bekommen...der einzige test der mir wirklich ist, ist am freitag in consumer behavior. aber das sollte auch machbar sein. und ein tag spaeter bin ich dann ja schon unterwegs...
noch eine sensationelle entdeckung im hyvee store:

Hier kann man ein paar eisige orginal bilder sehen...
Im folgenden ein paar photoshop manipulierte pics:

Montag, 26. November 2007

Home Sweet Home

Wow, what a fun week.

Wednesday monring, 8:00am.
I guess this is the earliest time i got up this semester ;) Wolfgang drove me to Cameron where I waited at a McDonalds for Brit and Jeff to pick me up and head north. Geez, it got cold! And on our way trough Iowa, we got into a little blizzard...but we finally made it to EP, where somethings have changed quite a bit since my last visits, but still, when I'm going down Pioneer Trail... I feel home.
When we arrived, we chilled with a couple of beers and some wine, played darts in the basement, etc. And for the first time since end of august I got a 8 hours straight sleep...ah.. "my bed" in ep is just so much more comfortable and bigger!

Thursday, Thanksgiving Holiday
Yummy Yummy Turkey in my tummy....what a nice meal.what a good wine.

We had a pretty relaxing afternoon, with some nap taking, watching tv. We needed to rest for one of the craziest things i have or will have ever done. ever.

At 23:20, Gina, Dean and myself got into the car, headind for Albertville Factory Outlet Mall. After-Thanksgiving Sales in the states seem to have a big tradition... Those sales are really worth it shopping for, you can get really amazing deals on stuff. Man muss sich das ungefaehr so vorstellen. Sommer-und Winterschlussverkauf bei Aldi, wo's auf alles 50% Rabatt gibt, und man einen Laptop fuer 100 Euro dazubekommt, doch dazu spaeter mehr.
Kohls (wie Karstadt) open their dorrs at 4am. Best Buy (wie Media Markt) at 5am. The Eden Prarie Mall at 1am. But the mall we we were haeding to opened at midnight. once again. it opened at the middle of the night.
So you think we were they only ones who were trying to make some good deals there (there are like 120 different stores!)?
3 miles (5km!) before the exit on the highway we got stuck in traffic! nothing moved!we put the car in a parking position!! it took us more than 1,5 hours to get to the mall...this mall is huge... but finding a parking space was impossible.
Eventually we were ready to go. It was freezing cold outside (minus 8 celcius) and 1:30 in the morning - perfect conditions for shopping?!
Since Mindy and Gina were up for some "fancy cloths", we spilt up. They went to their favorite store... and I was running to the other part of the mall, with factory outletstores of adidas, nike, old navy, hilfiger, gap, aeropostle, etc.
There were waiting lines for several stores to GET IN!!

The waiting lines to actually pay for the stuff you bought - ridiculous! I wasn't in the mood for waiting an hour to pay for a single item. So I cut down my shopping to one store adidas. they had an additional 25 % off everything in the store (das sind schon fabrikverkaufspreise!) receipt says i saved 50 dollars on my purchase (at 2:12 am) just because i bought stuff on that day...

Mindy and Gina did some "bargain" shopping for themselves and Angela (they spend 500 dollars, but with all rebates going on, they also SAVED 500 dollars!)...
At 2:45 pm we decided to leave the mall again - enough crazy black eye shopping.

for me. gina and mindy got up at 11 do some more shopping (most of the stores were open till noon!). I decided to spend an additional time in my big bed.
In the afternoon, we played some "family"tennis... The girls (Gina&Mindy) against the boys (Dean&me)...i don't have to tell the final score, do i?
for dinner, lionstap - best hamburger place ever! OMG how i missed that place

Since it was a Friday night, Jeff, Stude (jeff's roommate) and a couple of other guys and me went downtown to go to some bars... which was quite a lot of fun, but those bars are quite expensive as well.

Saturday - gameday
After sleeping in - what a great feeling - I was pumped. Ahead was the best steak in the world, and an exciting football game between Kansas University and Missouri University. Jeff and Brit are both Jayhawks (KU), they sold their tickets for 150 dollars each (! soviel zur bedeutung des games!).
Wildfire's. The most amazing place I know. AMAZING!!! This Black Peppercorn Steak. I'd run around naked through Bamberg for that. And the chopped salad. All i have to say is that i was LOOKING FOWARD to eat a salad. that should be enough praise for a salad :)

The game was pretty exciting, however, with an unsatisfying resuld. We (the Jayhawks) lost. But it was fun to see some people again that i haven't seen for a while. And yes, even American water (that's how i call their beer) can sometimes taste quite good ;)

Yesterday (sunday), I just met Hersh to pick up some lunch at the mall, he's now working for KPMG in NYC, living right next to Madison Sqaure Garden. I guess i have to visit him next semester... Then it was time for leaving my second home again.
And on the way back the airconditioning in the car must have caused a cold... i'm on some cold drugs now, since i had such a sore throat like i never had before, maybe i have a little fever as well, but with those drugs i'm feeling quite fine... hope i get well very soon, got a lot of stuff to do for school. But today I missed my first class in this entire semester...
So long... i gotta get back to studying...
Hope you're all doing just fine...

Dienstag, 20. November 2007

Private Transportation

...was the topic of our Group WATER (Wolfgang, Abby, Toby, Erin and Rebecca)...
The 40 minute presentation went just fine... it was interesting to see again that English is now the language i'm thinking in situations that have some sense of stress...

i'm so tired now though... didn't make it to bed earlier than 4 tonight... basically did the presentation for the group and still had to write my flash cards for the presentation. but as i said, the presentation went even better than i expected.

Kleider machen Leute...
Ui, soviele leute haben mich noch nie angesprochen wie heute (also mehr als das oberflaechliche, hey, what's up, how are you)...
ja fuer was bist du denn heute so schick... all of a suddden you're asked what your studying (hmmm - maybe German literature?!), etc... achja, wie die krawatte gebunden wurde verrate ich nicht...nur soviel - ich war daran aktiv beteiligt... bin einfach zu muede das zu verzaehlen...
machts es gut!

Sonntag, 18. November 2007

Wo gehts denn hier nach Aldi...

zu Aldi!
Wat? Schon zu?
Nee, der hat hier bis nach 21 Uhr offen... und wie in Deutschland auch, guten billigen Wein zum Gluehwein machen :)

Tomorrow is our Consumer Behavior Team Presentation...It'll be very interesting if and how this is gonna work...
I'm pretty excited for next week. I'm gonna be in Eden Prairie for 5 days!!!I already made dinner reservations at wildfire's - the best steakplace EVER....

Montag, 12. November 2007


schau mal was es hier gibt...

Montag, 5. November 2007

Fall Impressions...

Ja auch bei uns wirds so langsam richtig herbstlich und kalt...
Ach ja, das mit dem Marketing Bachelor klappt sowie es aussieht nicht - liegt vor allem an meinem Visum...

Freitag, 2. November 2007

lucky day...

so i walked to the cafeteria today with cindy... i saw a bill on the street... thought it was a one-dollar bill...was too lazy to pick it up...but then i thought... wer den heller nicht ehrt, es des talers nicht wert, or somehing like it. so i turned around picked the bill up....and it was a ten dollar note! hurray!
got a nice hoodie/jacket at old navy - it's getting pretty chilly... we might reach freezing point during the night...during the day, however, we still have temperatures around 17 grad c.
so cindy and i finally went to applebee's for dinner. i ordered a bruschetta burger. when i got my burger i thought to myself... hmm... this doesn't look to italian... more like a traditional burger.... so i asked the waitress, hey, is this the bruschetta burger?
No, this is definitely NOT it. I'm so sorry...
10 minutes later i had my bruschette burger. guess what!for free!
this is america!
so i got a triple chocolate meltdown as a desert. just felt like it ;)

Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2007

Just too funny...

Rammstein - Bayern

Violence Essay

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?

Only real peace will secure a peaceful world. Only with real respect peace can exist. Only without prejudices a violent-free world can exist. Armed forces will not be necessary. If you’re not violating against someone else - why should they violate against you?
Take Sweden, Switzerland or Costa Rica as an example. Sweden is the present-day nation state with the longest history of continuous peace. Since its 1814 invasion of Norway, the Swedish kingdom has not engaged in war. Switzerland is known as a country of long-lasting peace.
Costa Rica abolished its army following a 44-day civil war in 1944, in 1949. Since then, its history has been peaceful, especially relative to those of neighboring Central American states. This has earned the country the nickname, "Switzerland of the Americas."

Yes, the 9/11 attacks were horrible. Every innocent life taken away is simply tragic and useless. The terrorists were probably brainwashed. But what made them available for brainwashing and what caused their "leaders" to use other people’s life for their belief?
But what had caused that hate?
In the 80s, the US backed up Afghanistan for fighting the Soviet Union. Before the Iraq wars, the US delivered weapons to Iraq to fight the Iran. Both, Iran and Iraq are now a danger to the US.
I’m not saying that the US only had bad intentions to get involved in conflicts that were not on their continent. "Maybe" they really had peace in mind. But, it is obvious that the war industry profited from the cold war, and that the US always had an eye on easy, and cheap access to the black gold - called oil.
I’ve been in the US from August 2002 to June 2003, so I experienced the beginning of that war that is still going on. Until today, I just do not understand why in the world the US did go to war - without being backed up by the United Nations. I still believe that many countries – including Germany – would have taken serious action against Iraq but they judged the consequences of taking military action in this area differently than the US.

I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.

The United Nations could have been such a powerful institution, if the democratic US would have used a democratic vote in this “world-council of democratic countries” to “force” democracy unto another nation. But this isolated way of action has done some serious harm to that institution.
I know those words might sound very harsh, but 5 years later, where is the world now?
From a world point of view, the image the U.S. has now has (at least) some scratches. Soldiers and civilians still die in Iraq every day – a stable democracy in Iraq will need its time.
Operation Freedom was one thing that could be done quickly. Operation Democracy will take generations. The Israel – Palestine conflict is still boiling. Terrorists attack even European targets, like Madrid and London, and plan attacks all over the world. People die of violent acts. Since 9/11, the world is still leaving in fear. Fear that violence will not only be somewhere away, but right here, among us. The war in Afghanistan, and Operation Freedom in Iraq hasn’t quite calmed down tensions with the Islamic cultures, on contrary, prejudices on both sides even got worse. All Moslems are violent; all the Western population is materialistic and closed-minded.
I don’t want to make it too political, but the (at least questionable) practices at Guantanamo Bay detention camp and the tortures at Abu Gharib Prison are definitely not a mean for long-lasting peace.

In my first essay I wrote that the good needs the bad to exist, and that Germany after losing a terrible war really had to chance to start all over again. With the help of the so called “Marshall Plan”, West Germany eventually experienced an economic miracle (“Wirtschaftswunder”). East Germany had become a Communistic enclave of the Soviet Union.
Ending both World Wars was just the beginning of new wars.

Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary.

Allied propaganda billed the Great War in Europe as the "war to end all wars." Although the Allies won the war, the resulting "peace" Treaty of Versailles only set the stage for the even bloodier World War II.
When the Allied forces met in Yalta (1945) to discuss post-war Europe - while the killing was still going on – the “Big Three Powers” set the beginning of a new, long-lasting war: the Cold War.
The US had various interests in a prosperous Germany; one of them was certainly to not give the Soviet Union to much influence on the European continent. After all, there were still American troops in Germany until the beginning of the 90s.
Though there was no actual fighting between the U.S.A. and the Soviet Union, too many innocent people lost their lives in useless idealistic fights around the world.

Violence begets violence.

When we really want a world without violence we need to break this vicious circle of violence. We need to truly respect others. We need to live to beauty of diversity.

Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress.

When we realize and respect the differences we will make progress towards a peaceful environment. This is a huge step that can’t be taken just by tomorrow.

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Yes, it is idealistic, but there is a lot of truth behind it. The actual sinner, for example, isn’t the root of evil.
The root of evil is that some believe that violence is necessary to save problems in the long-run and are willing to manipulate others for their personal benefit.
In Levin’s “The Case for Torture”, torturing terrorists that kidnap a newborn baby from the hospital or hiding a bomb might sound necessary – or makes sense.
But torturing a terrorist doesn’t save the root of the problem. There are a lot of radical Islamists that are willing to sacrifice their life (!) for their ideals! Yes, the terrorist is the present problem that could more or less easily be taken care of. But a single terrorist is not the root of the problem. Yes, if somebody would do something harmful to my family I couldn’t guarantee to be harmful to him/her, too. But this would only be a momentary solution – what would have been done to my family could not be reversed. It is nature that humans will have aggressive feelings during their life. But we should be smart enough to handle those feelings in a way that doesn’t do harm to others.

In order to live in a peaceful world, again, you have to “fight” the root of the problems. But not in a physical way – in a non-physical way.

There is no way to peace; peace is the way

It’s easy to say, “I’m a peaceful guy, I want peace for everyone, but there will always be people that will always be violent, so you can’t do anything about it”.
Always “the others” are blamed. But this very ignorance may give some people the chance to justify the use of violence.
But isn’t the basic need of a human to feel safe? Can there be realistic hope for a peaceful globe?

You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.

Note: Everything that is written in Italic letters, has been said by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (October 2, 1869 – January 30, 1948), a major political and spiritual leader of India and the Indian independence movement.

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2007

Coming home...

Hey, big news... i'm gonna be back in germany over christmas break.... found a pretty cheap flight to munich (ca. 520euro), so i'm gonna be @ home from 16th dec to 12th january. i'm excited! can't wait for some decent German food!brezen oder a schnitzel... mjam, mjam. after 2 months, I had my first real steak last friday at cheddar's (350 gramm, baked potatoe, french fries), yummy yummy... i need to work out before i get back to germany!i don't think i gained weight, but i'm just not exercising at all!
Ok, one reason i'm writing this blog is to offer you a special x-mas service.
I bought two pairs of adidas-orignals today for 95 dollars (66 euro!)...the exchange rate is still soooo good 70 euro-cents buy one dollar! so especially clothing at electronics are really cheap for us europeans. another example is the new i-pod touch. $400 here, 400 euros in europe. However, when i buy it here, it'll only cost me around 280 euros!! i guess what i'm trying to say is... if you're looking for something special as a christmas gift for a special one or if you're just looking for some cheap cloths from abercrombie or something like that, LET ME KNOW IN TIME (mid-november would be a deadline! the earlier the better though!!!), so i can try to get it for you!
other than that, life is just fine. cindy and i have been "dating" for more than a month now - and we still like to see each other every now and then ;)
I'm already kinda sick of the cafeteria food, at least we've got quizznos on campus (similar to subway!)... but sushi (yuichi), cindy and me are trying to cook for ourselves (especially at the weekends, when the cafeteria food is even worse!) as often as we can...
my midterm-grades are as i expected them to be. "A's in consumer behavior, principles of marketing and psychology, "C" in English (this teacher just gives "C"s or "F"s for midterm, since we so far only got 1/6 of our points over the semester)...

und noch was ganz anderes... wenn man abends mal zufaellig bei nem fox sender vorbeizappt ist es schon erstaunlich, wie die "liberal media" verschwoerungen angegriffen werden... ei ei ei...die amis sind manchmal schon so ein volk...
ich geh jetzt erstmal schlafen...
macht's gut!

Dienstag, 9. Oktober 2007


so sieht das dann aus, wenn man eine einseitig beschriebene 4x6 (inches) notecard in sein marketing exam mitnehmen darf...
kann dann ueber haupt noch was schiefgehen?! ich hoffe nicht...

ach ja... ich kanns lesen ;)

Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2007

Culture Trip...

you might not believe it. there is some kind of cultural "stuff" in the states.
I just got home from a field trip to Kansas City. Susan (the foreign exchange coordinator) and her husband took the white Missouri Western van and took us (Cindy, two boys from my floor and me) to the William Rockhill Nelson Gallery of Art.

There are several collections from all kidns of ages and cultures...for example this monet painting (Boulevard des Capucines or Les Grands Boulevards)
as well as some American Indian exhibits

There is a nice sculpture garden surrounding the two buildings of the museum, but when Cindy and I wanted to walk around a bit, it started raining heavily. Oh by the way, we still have 25C temperatures here :)!

After this "culture shock" (it's amazing how Americans consider stuff ancient, even though it's less than like 200 years old "young"), we went to the plaza again. This plaza is desgined to look like the city of Sevilla, Spain. I haven't been in the Spanish city yet. However, the plaza is nice, yet somehow - for a european - it doesn't look 100 % authentic...
Cheesecake Factory is a wonderful place. Cindy and I went there for lunch....and she met some friends that she got to know during her year at Boston. I don't wanna be rude, those two girls were really nice, BUT honestly! WHO cares about human beings, when it comes to burgers?

not to mention the stuff the cheesecake factory is actually famous for - their cheesecake.

"oma, dein taesekuchen is gud, aber der taesetuchen der mama is besser!" NICHTS KOMMT AN MAMA's KAESEKUCHEN RAN!!!

And now i'm back in my dorm. I need to work on a English reading assigntment. We're about to create our inquiry (a contract between MSWU students and teachers)'s just tough to find the right motivation for something that is not among your most favorites class... oh well... mid-term is coming up. MID-TERM!!! ALREADY!! a fourth (!) of my academic year is already over?you gotta be kidding!so far the grades are, well, good :) I just had one test in consumer behavior so far (93%) - the second one is coming up in like 10 days. Principles of Marketing... herrlich! After a dramatic grade drop from 107 to 103 % (with the 50 out of 50 in the last test!), I really worked on that one assignemnt (--> do you feel the irony?!), a SWOT analysis and the Boston Group Consulting Matrix, and scored 22 out of 20... so i'm back to like 106% again. I just hope i can keep my grade around 100% - would be really nice for Bamberg.
I should have all points in English as well. But so far only smaller assignments have been graded - not the major essays (this i believe, the contract, etc.). The essays won't be graded until the end of the semester. but you know what - i acutally don't care about the grade as long as I pass this class!
Psychology is really interesting. We had a test last tuesday. I didn't do much more than typing my notes in a word document and read the study guide and a few pages in the book. On test day, I didn't feel too comfortable, there were a few questions that I didn't really get. I couldn't remember having read anything in my notes, study guide or book about it. But I thought, hey, who cares about that grade in this class?!
On thursday, we got this multiple choice test back. Wow. For American standards this test really didn't go too well for the students... just 5 As and a couple of Bs in a 70+ class?! So our teacher curved the test. This means that whoever scored best gets 100 % of the test - even thought he might have like 20 out of 50 right... the best in our class scored 45 out of 50. I wonder who ;) not me! i scored 44 out of (now) 45 - and kinda scared my neighbors in that class. oh well. Since we're gonna get extra credit for participating in a little (psychologic) survey, my grade in this class should be above 100% as well...

Sonntag, 30. September 2007


wow...there's so much to tell you what happened in the last 10 days...
let's start with the most imporatant thing, school.
classes are going just fine so far. shiva (vorname des consumer behavior lehrers) more and more becomes last comedey man standing since he knows that he won't be teaching after this semester?
Come on, is there no one who wants do know what i'm gonig to do? So a student eventually aksed:
What you're gonna do?
response: I don't know!
As interersting as the topics we try to dicuss in my English class are... as time-requiring are the little 1-page responses to texts we've read for homework... i'm excited for my first exam in psychology. we're more than 2 weeks late for the first of 3 tests... we do have a study guide that talks about what we should know. but since our teacher teaches the same class three times, he often forgets we he has talked about in which class. I just about to summarize my notes and some parts of the book. Principles of marketing is going really well so far, however, i have a project due on tuesday night. A SWOT-analysis of a product that we can choose ourselves with regard to the Bosten Consulting Group Matrix...i somehow remember my days back at highschool with mr. stapppfff.... "ja, da gibts so kuehe und hunde...! " ;)
well besides studying, there is a french influence in my dorm who i like to spend time with.... interpretations welcomed? ;)

As I mentioned the last time, I spend a weekend in Lawrence, KS to see Jeff and Brit (his girlfriend)...

well, this weekend was just AMAZING... with all the parties... is just the place to be when you want to be an American college student... :)
well, i better get back to studtying..

Donnerstag, 20. September 2007


Obwohl ich im ersten Principles of Marketing - Exam 50 von 50 punkte hab, hat sich meine Gesamtnote in diesem Fach verschlechtert...Welcome to the U.S.! I had a 24 out of 20 (don't ask me how i did that - just take it as a given fact) in our first "quiz"... so my grade "dropped" from 120% to I a bad student now?
Sorry it took my so long to write a new blog... i've actually been quite busy latelty. this english class just require quite a lot of time...for like every meeting (three times a week) we have to read an essay and write an one-page response. but that's like the only class that is not toooo much fun.
allright, you might be interested how a typical college-day looks like for me....
on a regular monday, wednesday or friday i get up at like 10, since my first class consumer behavior starts at 11. sometimes (if i really get up at 10) i have some cereals, if not, i have lunch with Wolfgang right after our common marketing class. Having lunch takes place in either the food court (some private little fast food restaurants - for example a subway-like place) or in the cafeteria (mensa). the cafeteria offers a (all-u-can eat) buffet for about 6 dollars (drinks included)... but it's mensa food as its best if you know what i mean.
After lunch I usually have a final look - or eventually begin - with the latest english assignment that is due like 30 minutes later.
after english, i'm basically off for the day, except on wednesday, when wolfgang and i tutor jason. he's gonna study in Bamberg next spring, so we prepare him for his journey. he gets some credit - we get paid. good deal.
Tuesday is the day with the most time spend in class for me. but i get to sleep in, since psychology doesn't start earlier than 12:30. So I usually have lunch right before that class...a fun class with a teacher that flies to florida every weekend to work with dolphins...poor little old guy has some problems though hearing the people sitting in the backrows...but he's just cute!
Dienstag abends steht dann die Principles of Marketing evening class an. Since we just meet once a week. Our session should last till like 9. but usually we're finished with the schedule earlier.
Thursdays are just 80 minutes of (psychology) class for me...
Yeah... i'm not really often IN class - but trust me, there's a lot of stuff to do... I spend quite some time preparing for my first exams in my marketing classes which already make up for like 20 % of the final grade... by the way... when we had our exam in consumer behavior on monday (for sure only multiple-chocie or true/false!), our teacher left the room for half of the time. but americans really just DON'T CHEAT at all! two students didn't take their tests on monday but today before class - they got to correct their tests themselves...i got 42 out of the 45 multiple choice questions right...
last week we went bowling, went to a casino north of st. joe where wolfgang had a little winning going on (cindy&me didn't do good at all!)...
playing goalie came with costs... a messed up left ringfinger... danke indutop du machst alles wieder gut...

es ist schon bezeichnet, wenn man z.b. beim frisoer entsetzt gefragt wird : " SO WHAT MADE YOU CHOOSE MISSOURI WESTERN FOR STUDYING ABROAD"... they somehow seem to know that there isn't a lot going on in good old st. joe... eieiei...

I finally got my social security number. so i'm ready to legally work on campus (which is basically tutoring jason). I'm gonna try to rent a car tomorrow in the afternoon/night. so i can give myself a right to soccer practice, go "walmart"-shopping, get some cold stone ice cream (JUST AMAZING!)... and on friday afternoon, i'm gonna take off to Lawrence to see Jeff!!!
I'm so excited to see him (and of course finally get to meet Brit, his girlfriend!)...

But for now I better go to bed... since i don't have early classes... i can stay up longer ;)
have fun whereever you are - those in schwabmuenchen, trinkt ne mass fuer mich mit aufm michaelimarkt...

Sonntag, 9. September 2007

trip to KC

so we went to Kansas City, Missouri (and probably also Kansas City, Kansas) yesterday...
parked the car right to the convention center, as we thought there should be some sights/shops whatever around. pustekuchen.
such a boring downtown. and it was quite hot. so we went into this one bar asking the waitress where to go in KC. and we eventually made it to the Liberty Memorial (WW1) and to South Plaza - a really nice place...kinda looks like disneyworld though. It's supposed to like like a southern (maybe mexican) village...with all kinds of shops, restaurants, bars, etc... as I said - a really nice place. went to cheesecake factory. OMG! I had a chocolate cookie dough cheesecake! AMAZING! our waiter was from albania and invited us to hang around with him when we're in the area again...we might do this, since st. joe really won't be a metropolitan city in the next few months :)
I uploaded some pictures from our trip (we = cindy, yuichi, wolfgang=driver and myself)...
There's a liquor store close to the campus that carries all kind of European beer brands. Besides some "weird" ones like "st. pauli girl" (mit dirndl!) there are actually beers like, spatenbraeu (optimator doppelbock), weinstephan, warsteiner, bitburger und PRINZREGENT LUITPOLD ROYAL HEFE WEIZEN! :)
anyways, i better get back watching the Chiefs (Kansas' nfl-team)... gonna play soccer today! I'm excited!
hope you're all doing just fine

Montag, 3. September 2007

Samstag, 1. September 2007

Welcome to America...

So the first of 15 weeks of this semester is over...
Classes have been allright so far. Consumer behavior should be a "doable" class, Psychology as well. Principles of Marketing is an evening class. I'm the only one living on campus. Many parents or older people in that class.
English 104. To be honest - a joke. So I sat in consumer behavior wednesday morning. it was 11am when i realized that this assignment we had for homework said we actually have to "discuss" the three "this i believe" articles from the website.
Autsch, so I had to skip lunch, when to the lab and worked on the assignment. i had like 50 minutes. List 5 features in every article and discuss how they arose interest. features sind in dem zusammenhang stilmittel gewesen - hab ich aber erst spaeter gecheckt. Well, i basically jsut summarzied the three essays. in deutschland theamaverfehlung. So we got our assignments back yesterday... really, i germany, i probably woudln't have handed that paper in. here - 10/10 points, nice work!
mkay... i think my personal I believe essay got along pretty well...we'll get them back on monday and then we have to chance to correct it again in order to get an even better grade... i might post the essay on my blog for those how are interested... give my feedback :)
So school should be allright...Around 17th september we're gonna have our first exams...after getting back the results I can adjust my studying-style ;)

Since Wolfgang is renting a car right now we've the chance to get around a bit. So we went to this one liquer score. und was faellt einem als erste ins auge? ein ayinger fuer $3,29. Well, of course there are other well-known german beer brands like St. Pauli Girl beer (mit m dirndl!)... but they also had spaten, becks, warsteiner, bitburger and stuff... and weihnstephan...but since we have to experience the different culture we got some Miller Genuie Draft beers...

Dienstag, 28. August 2007

it arrived...

finally i do have my new macbookpro...
i'm just downloading boot camp in order to install windows xp as an second os... so far this little thing seems quite cool.
the only thing that bothers my is that the internet in the dorm is pretty slow...well REALLY SLOW!!!
other than this exciting new toy, classes started yesterday.
Well, this consumer behavior class wolfgang and i are taking will probably be a smooth one. This College writing and rhetoric class will be pretty easy as well, but pretty time demanding with all those essays and stuff :( the first paper is due on friday. "This I believe" - na hurra.
Today i had my first Psychology class. This teacher is just cool. pretty old, pretty funny. should be an easy-going class.
Tonight i'm gonna have my first evening class - Principles of Marketing. We'll see how that one's like.
Since i'm online now, i'll promise to keep the other side of the ocean up-to-date on what is happening with that German guy in St. Joseph.
Have you ever heard that the name Toby is used for a actual girl ?
take it easy...

Freitag, 24. August 2007

just hanging around...

nothing really excited happen yesterday...
I met my suitemate Jason who's a RA as well. Nice guy. Gave me one of his TV right away so i don't get bored. at least something to do. I mean I already read the first chapter in two of my clases. ich euwi.
When I checked my e-mails on yuichi's laptop (I've never seen a Japanese keyboard!!) i was shocked. Instead of sending me an shipping information the apple store told me that there were problems with my credit card. so i called the tall free number, but even 30 minutes in the waiting line didn't really solve the problem. I guess using a German credit card for american student discount just doesn't work. i was pretty pi**ed actually. And decided to just get a regular laptop the next day at best buy.
When I got up this morning i went to the lab to see which comptures are in stock at best buy... none of them would have really fit my needs... so i looked on and wohoo.. they've got my macbookpro in store and even 300$ off... I i bought it there, took the express shipping , and wait for my package to come on monday! At least i got an order confirmation so far. It's supposed to be shipped today (3pm here right now).
After having lunch with Yuichi and Wolfgang, the two Germans tried to teach a yuichi and zach (another RA) how to play schafkopf. zach knows a similiar card game, so i guess we'll be playing that pretty important thing is missing though. beer. it's really a dry campus. oh well... wolfgang and i are really pretty old. most of the people living in the dorm are like 19-20...

I realized that we're gonna have a pretty long winter break from dec 14th to jan 14th... so i'm just figuring out on what to do...

it got quite "chilly" today... no more hot and "steamy" weather... i think i gonna go jogging around campus and take some pictures...
Take care

Donnerstag, 23. August 2007


erstens kommt's anderscht
und zweitens als man denkt...

Mittwoch, 22. August 2007

The never ending story

Manchmal wiederholt sich die die Geschichte halt doch...
It"s all just a little history repeating...

Ich gehe - aber ich verschwinde nicht

Tag 1 meines Abenteuerurlaubs in St. Joseph, Missouri

Samstag, 18. August 2007

last days in germany

sooooo... es gibt wieder neue bilder, und zwar von den letzten tagen hier in schwabmünchen.
schon krass - cawl fuddert 2 portionen beim metzgerwirt, dank ottos schallplatten wird auch im august voller inbrunst o du fröhliche gesungen, und die abschiedsfete am freitag war ja jetzt auch nicht grad die jahresversammlung der anonymen alkoholiker :)

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2007


mein Blog wurde endlich wieder "freigegeben"...
da lass ich mich doch nicht lumpen und poste einen link:
Tanz in den 6. Juli

Montag, 4. Juni 2007


Das war mal ne Party... mann mann mann...
und hier sind alle bilder!

Soziolgenparty im Morphclub...

...dank Betta gibt es HIER die Bilder von der "kleinen Festlichkeit" am 09. Mai 07. ach ja, ich will nur klarstellen, dass so manches pic nicht von mir gemacht worden ist ;)

Das coe bewegt sich...

...und wie !! :)

Photos vom

Sonntag, 3. Juni 2007


Missouri - here I come!!
Starting 20th August, I'm gonna be a student at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri.
I'm starting to add some content to this blog, like my final days here in Bamberg (including life in the coe) and my preparations for the trip.
So far, I just booked my flight with American Airlines on 08/20 from Frankfurt via Dallas to Kansas City.